Alison Freshney Ceramics


Based in the Tamar Valley, at Gunnislake, I am lucky enough to be moments away from the River Tamar and its wooded banks. The rich plant life provides continual inspiration for my work. I’m fascinated by the different plant forms of this special area; their structures, patterns, textures and colours.

I grew up on the edge of Dartmoor and later settled in Cornwall with my partner, where we’ve lived for 25 years. My career was in primary teaching, but with a specialism in Art and Design. During my teacher training I really fell in love with ceramics. It is such a wonderful medium to work with! I took up ceramics again around eight years ago, starting with a course of evening classes. Later, I bought my own kiln and began to experiment at home, finally setting up my own studio.

All of my work is hand-built. I love using a range of clay bodies and a particular favourite is porcelain. I work mainly from photographs; images taken on walks in the valley, plants I’ve noticed in my garden or perhaps a trip to a local beauty spot. My ‘Porcelain Maple Leaf with water drops’, for instance, was inspired by a trip to Cotehele House. I use a small range of glazes and oxides as well as gold and mother of pearl lustres.

Textures often come from studies of bark or fungal structures. The little details; lichen, fungal shapes, leaf skeletons are often what catch my eye and will provide inspiration for a colour or pattern or maybe the form of an object.
My work is constantly evolving.'

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